Our challenging yet rewarding A level curriculum is designed to get the best out of our students and prepare them for the rigours of further study or entering employment.

Deciding which courses to study at A level can be a difficult process. Ideally you will have a career aim in mind; it is then a case of working backwards to decide which path you would like to take to get there. If you are unsure of your future plans then we will work with you to find an appropriate programme of study; it may be that you focus on the subjects you enjoy and what are known as ‘facilitating subjects’: those that will keep your options open. The facilitating subjects we offer are Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography and English Literature.

Whatever your plans, we provide our potential 6th Formers with all the advice and guidance you may need to make an informed decision at such a crucial age.

Most of our students will study 4 A levels, as that level of academic challenge has been shown to keep students focused. However, we will tailor bespoke programmes for every student depending on their needs and what they feel they can achieve.