Businesses operate in an environment which is dynamic, competitive, uncertain and frequently hostile. They need to constantly adapt to changes in their internal and external environments in order to be successful. These changes may include anticipating the actions of competitors, reacting to economic or political changes or making use of new technologies. Whether you aspire to be a business professional, manager, charity worker or entrepreneur, understanding the business environment is fundamental to ensuring that the business in which you work reaches its full potential.

Course Type

Level 3 Certificate and Extended Certificate

Entry requirements

  • Level 5 in GCSE Mathematics
  • Level 5 in GCSE English Language

Course breakdown

In Year 12, you will study:

  • Unit 1 – The Business Environment
  • Unit 2 – Working in Business

In Year 13, you will study:

  • Unit 4 – Customers and Communications

In addition to two of the following:

  • Unit 5 – Marketing and Market Research
  • Unit 8 – Introduction to Human Resources
  • Unit 11 – Accounting Concepts

How will the course be assessed?

At the end of Year 12, you will be entered for the Level 3 Certificate in Business.

  • Exam: Unit 1 – 2 hours – 50% of Certificate
  • Exam: Unit 2 – 1.5 hours – 50% of Certificate

There will be the opportunity to re-sit the exams once more in January 2018 or June 2018, should you need to.

At the end of Year 13, you will be entered for the Level 3 Extended Certificate in Business. This will include the results for Units 1 and 2, where each count for 25%, in addition to:

  • Coursework: Unit 4 – 16.6% of Extended Certificate
  • Coursework: Any two of Units 5, 8 or 11 – each 16.6% of Extended Certificate

Where can the course lead?

As a Business student, you will gain a knowledge and understanding in a wide range of areas including legal, financial and ethical factors and how business responds to changes in their economic, social and technological environment. The business world places a high value on the ability to research, analyse and evaluate information in order to make considered decisions. This course will provide the foundation on which to build by higher education at University as well as equipping you with the skills required for the world of work and apprenticeships.