Academic Success

We want our 6th Formers to develop personally and academically, and act as mentors for the school community.

The 6th Form experience at South Axholme Academy has been designed to provide the most beneficial elements of being at a school with the freedom, rights and responsibilities that are usually only achieved at college level. As it is throughout the Academy, mutual respect continues to be a core value in our 6th Form.

Feedback and ideas from 6th Formers are actively encouraged and will be frequently used as the drivers of new initiatives and change within the Academy. Our 6th Formers are also encouraged to involve themselves in the enhancement of the student voice of the Academy as a whole. More than anything else, we want our 6th Formers to be mentors and role models for younger students in the Academy.

Our students will have access to:

  • A newly refurbished study zone.
  • A fully equipped IT zone.
  • A brand new common room area.
  • Facilities to make drinks and snacks.